New Child Care Rules Effective October 1, 2017


"New Child Care Rules have been adopted and officially became effective October 1, 2017. Many of these rule changes are a result of the CCDF Reauthorization and related federal requirements and the NC Periodic Review of Existing Rules.

DCDEE staff is working diligently to summarize the finalized changes, update forms and prepare presentations to train DCDEE staff and child care providers on what they need to know.

DCDEE has posted the revised rules to [their] website. Providers can visit the DCDEE website at to view all of the new rules and rule language. Click the "Rules, Law, and Public Information" tab on the left side of the screen, and the new and revised rules are posted here and noted as being effective October 1" (DCDEE,

For more information or if you have immediate questions, please contact your assigned Child Care Consultant.

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