It's Cold Outside!


As the  winter months continue and temperatures drop, every effort must be made to keep children safe while playing outside.  While there are many benefits to being outside, such as the ability to explore and discover and the freedom to run, jump and play, the American  Academy of Pediatrics stress that with a few simple steps, children can be kept safe from weather-related dangers.

Check Weather Prior 
A Child Care Weather chart as well as a check with local weather channels in your area can be used in determining if conditions are suitable for children to play outside. 

Appropriate Attire 
Children should be kept warm and dry. This can be achieved by dressing them in layers.  Below is an example of how this can be done:

  • ·Layer 1: Thermal underwear, socks.
  • ·Layer 2: Turtleneck, sweater plus sweatpants or possibly ski pants.
  • ·Layer 3: Jacket (water-resistant), a hat, waterproof gloves and boots with gripping surfaces and a neck gaiter.

Be Aware of Weather-Related Dangers 
Caregivers are encouraged to observe children as they play for any signs of danger such as: nose bleeds, shivering, goose bumps, frozen fingers, toes or ears, discoloration of skin and burning sensations to name a few.  If any dangers are observed return  to the warmth of the classroom and report findings to the administrator. By keeping a close check on temperatures and being aware of children’s attire and danger signs, children can be protected all  winter long.

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